Are You FIT? Part 6

All of us know from experience that the OLDER we get the harder it is to LOSE weight! Actually the cutoff age for the beginning of the uphill battle is 35! Ditto for building muscle! So I’m sure the majority … Continue reading →

Are You FIT? Part 5

If some of the top current and past NFL players are doing this then you might consider it too! That includes ones like Dolphins Arian Foster, former Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams, and former Jaguar Montell Owens. I read an … Continue reading →

Are You FIT? Part 4

Continuing our series based on information in October Men’s Health on losing ONE POUND: *FORGIVE YOURSELF! Don’t beat yourself up for failing to reach a goal! This only causes more STRESS and possibly DEPRESSION and can lead to giving up! … Continue reading →

Are You FIT? Part 3

Continuing with tips to lose ONE POUND of FAT: *DRINK WATER! Here is a way to hydrate offered in October Men’s Health that will work IF you are DISCIPLINED. Set your phone to countdown to 2 HOURS. THEN drink an … Continue reading →

Are You FIT? Part 2

One way to get fit is LOSE WEIGHT! I don’t mean 20 pounds in a month but only ONE POUND! Think you can lose ONE POUND of FAT (not WATER)? Here are some ways I learned in my October Men’s … Continue reading →

Are You FIT?

Today I begin my series ARE YOU FIT? If you think that you and your loved ones FITNESS is not the FIRST thing you should be considering then you are DREAMING! If you also think you are going to be … Continue reading →

PORTABLE Preparedness Part 12

WOW have now shared a DOZEN PORTABLE PREPAREDNESS products with you! If you are like me you don’t want to spend time fixing TENDER for a fire. So why not fix it in advance with this Smith’s product in this … Continue reading →

PORTABLE Preparedness Part 11

Have you heard of the SAS-UK’s Special Air Services-considered by many the most ELITE fighting force in the world? It was from studying the SAS that I learned what you see in this VIDEO. EVERYONE of these fighters carry this … Continue reading →