6 Pack Abs Part 3

The THIRD ingredient for those 6 PACK ABS besides SLEEP and WATER is PROTEIN. Here is what I said about PROTEIN in my 6 Day Diet That Works! report: “My favorite is FISH that can be steamed, baked, grilled or … Continue reading →

6 Pack Abs Part 2

The second ingredient to creating 6 PACK ABS is WATER! We all know WATER makes up 60-70% of our body weight and that it is necessary for regulating our body temperature, transporting nutrients to our organs and oxygen to our … Continue reading →

6 Pack Abs

YES you should set a goal of 6 PACK ABS! Why? Not only do they look good but they promote EXCELLENT health! Why? As an ISSA certified personal fitness trainer we teach our clients that having STRONG STOMACH MUSCLES builds … Continue reading →

6 Day Diet That WORKS!

Are you ready to begin your journey towards being a Fitter Prepper? If you remember I used the Subway Breakfast for 6 months but you don’t have to do that. All you have to do is follow what we were … Continue reading →

Results from My “Secret” Weapon

I began to see results about a month into this program. By the 6th month I was able to comfortably get into the size 28 pants and had dropped from 186 to 140 – 46 pounds lost! The most important … Continue reading →

My “Secret” Weapon

Before I reveal my “secret” I must advise you as a certified personal fitness trainer that you should check with your physician before you do any program. Also you may not get the same results I did. So what was … Continue reading →