PORTAL Preparedness Part 6

My good friend Mark at Velocity Archery sent me this cool SILENT Crossbow Pistol you see in this VIDEO. Even comes with a laser sight as an option. (Yes it says Under Construction at the website above but they are … Continue reading →

PORTAL Preparedness Part 5

This is the COOLEST hammock/tent combo on Planet Earth provided by good friend Wes, founder of Lawson Hammock, a North Carolina business. It has been voted the #1 hammock on the Appalachian Trail. In this VIDEO you will see it … Continue reading →

PORTAL Preparedness Part 4

Here is another product from my good friends at Sawyer that I would NEVER be without! This PORTABLE WATER FILTRATION unit will filter 100,000 GALLONS of water! Yes you read that right – 100,000 gallons! AND it filters 99.999% of … Continue reading →

PORTAL Preparedness Part 3

My friends at Survivor Industries have what is called a Super Ark that comes in a box that contains food and water for an individual for 3 days! Also it contains other Preparedness items that could come in handy. I … Continue reading →


We will get back to PORTAL Preparedness in next post but I wanted to share something I just learned in current issue of Men’s Health. Here is the one exercise that could make you PAIN-FREE! SQUATTING! Yes SQUATS have been … Continue reading →

PORTAL Preparedness

Yes today I begin my new series on PORTABLE preparedness for the FitterPrepper. For you older FitterPreppers I have GOOD news – you do NOT have to carry a HEAVY Bug-Out backpack with you every where you go! I actually … Continue reading →

6 Pack Abs Part 7

I want to add one other consideration regarding food that could greatly effect your journey to 6 PACK ABS. You want to avoid what Dr. William Davis MD calls THE WHEAT BELLY! Yes there is new SCIENTIFIC research to show … Continue reading →