Are You FIT? Part 11

Continuing our series about SUGAR and where it lurks: *Are you aware that you are better off drinking REGULAR milk than those 1%, 2% and low fat ones? It has 8 grams of PROTEIN and 12 grams of SUGAR per … Continue reading →

Are You FIT? Part 10

As mentioned I am going to discuss ways to cut SUGAR from your diet as the AVERAGE American eats 125 POUNDS ANNUALLY! First we all know how important hot OATMEAL is during the coming winter months as research shows that … Continue reading →

Are You FIT? Part 9

Last blog we talked about the importance of NOT overdoing EXERCISE. Do what you NEED! Today I want to discuss what many fitness trainers have forgotten: HAVE FUN! Still go out with your friends and eat Mexican or whatever they … Continue reading →

Are You FIT? Part 7

Yesterday I was watching my fix of NFL football and there is 39 year old Tom Brady looking like a young new draftee! Sitting out 4 games because of that STUPID DEFLATE debacle did NOT effect him! So today I … Continue reading →